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Lesson #1: The Beach

Success is a lifestyle – it’s a way you live your life. It’s not just something that you get. It’s something that you desire so completely that you start living in a different way. In this lesson, we talk about some of the foundational techniques of NLP and how you can use them to attain greater success in your trading. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instructions.

  • An introduction to visualization exercises: The Beach

  • A lesson about leverage

  • How The Beach story relates to trading and NLP

  • A brief history and overview definition of NLP

  • An introduction to representational systems

  • The difference in power between First Person vs. Third Person

  • A discussion about Submodalities (aka “Sub-mods”)

  • The definition and utility of Anchors and their value in NLP for Trading

  • Learn the “Let’s Go to the Movies” visualization exercise, a central concept for gaining confidence in your life


Lesson#2: Clear Outcomes

You succeed as you define clear outcomes, and then you attach powerful emotions to reaching that outcome. In this lesson we’ll talk about setting clear, emotionally powerful outcomes in your trading. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • The elements of visualization and how to practice this technique

  • A revealing visualization exercise: The Mountain

  • The centerpiece of the course: Learn how trading can be easy

  • The fruits of making your trading goals clear and emotionally powerful

  • Exercise assignment: Writing a clear outcome and 20 reasons why you want it

  • Learn how to get to your clear outcome: Making a map

  • A lesson about clearly visualizing your hopes and dreams while also acting in accordance with your internal map

  • An exercise that will help you make your trading easy

  • Advice on creating clear outcomes and what happens when they’re unclear

  • The power of structuring our goals into easy increments

  • A list of things you should stop doing and never do again

  • An answer to a question about resolving our dependence upon complexity

  • How the easier path is the only way to get what you want out of trading

  • How we tend to choose complexity merely for the experience passing through it

  • A discussion about how the path to your destination requires a clear outcome

  • Answers to a few questions from the live NLP audience


Lesson#3: The Master Process

Much of what we accomplish (our outcomes) in life are products of a Master Process, going on beneath the surface – of which we are largely unaware. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • An illustration about internal maps and reaching our destination

  • The sad truth that most traders (who also happen to be unsuccessful) do not have clear outcomes

  • A visualization about what your ideal office space looks like

  • Rob discusses the specifics of his own personal Easy Path

  • Learn about the master level of the Meta-Program, or how we think about the world

  • Finding your trigger for doing the wrong thing and curing that trigger through visualization

  • The Master Process and how it works

  • How staying on your path over time equals your destination or outcome

  • Exercise: Learn The Swish, a powerful technique for changing the way you think and what you do

  • Rob recaps The Big Point of this presentation


Lesson #4: Modeling and Profit-Taking

When we know those that trade the best, they can be used as models for our own trading success. And through “The Tap” technique, we can learn how to stop ourselves from trading at the appropriate time. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • Some review of Clear Outcomes, Meta-Programs and The Swish Technique

  • A description of the traits of some great traders

  • Learn about how to model a great trader so we can know what the best looks like

  • A lesson about what these great traders have in common and how we can imitate and emulate them

  • Learn to become the trader you were meant to be

  • Develop a single-minded focus for your trading

  • Develop a heroic inability to quit by amplifying your tolerance of set-backs

  • Learn to trade consistently by having an insatiable desire for a specific accomplishment

  • Learn how confident traders carry themselves and even how they physically move and behave

  • Learn to have impeccable timeliness

  • A discussion about having a profound ability to withstand pain

  • Create your own ritual, routine, pattern and superstition

  • A discussion about having faith in a higher power that protects

  • Have a clear memory of the day you turned pro

  • Develop a hatred for the addictions associated with this profession

  • Exercise: Learn “The Tap” technique


Lesson #5: Turning Pro

For Lesson 5 we examine some of the instruction in Steven Pressfield’s book titled “Turning Pro,” which we use to discuss moving from amateur toward professional status in the market. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • A brief introduction to author Steven Pressfield and his book “Turning Pro”

  • The concept of “turning pro” and how it can affect your trading and your life

  • An account of when Steven Pressfield was a failed author and what he did to change his life

  • Learn what a shadow career is how it replaces our true purpose

  • Learn the difference between an amateur and a professional by examining the habits of each

  • How turning pro actually simplifies one’s life

  • An in-depth look at the characteristics of an amateur

  • An in-depth look at the traits of a professional


Lesson #6: Powerful Planning

Planning is fun. It’s powerful. In this lesson, you’ll learn a process for planning your week of trading, to visualize what you want to and can accomplish. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • Definition of The Weekly Ritual: What it is and what it isn’t

  • A discussion about habits and how no one has “no habits”

  • Amateur habits versus pro habits

  • A new way to think about planning and how to effectively apply it to trading

  • Exercise: Imagine yourself with a planned outcome and the process to get there

  • Considering the optimal time for you to trade each week

  • Being wary of how some outcomes are actually processes

  • How to avoid making your process your outcome

  • More about The Ritual and how it’s a daydream of what you want to accomplish

  • Visualizing yourself with a planned outcome

  • And learn about the concept of a meta-program known as “chunking”


Lesson#7: The Daily Ritual

As you begin each new day of trading, it is important to practice the Daily Ritual, which enables you to visualize the point at which you will stop trading today. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • Examining the difference between determination and motivation

  • How to get more determination and motivation

  • Thinking about what motivates you and what you love to do

  • Assignment: Write a list of things that you love to do

  • Imagining a time in your life when you were highly motivated

  • A discussion about when motivation fails and its limitations

  • A discussion about determination and its strengths

  • How The Daily Routine is the reality of a prior, weekly visualization

  • An in-depth look at The Daily Ritual

  • Exercise: Thinking about yourself stopping while others continue

  • Learn about “Exercise D” and getting the motivation and determination you need

  • Filling your mind with inspirational images and sounds


Lesson #8: Anchoring

Anchoring is a physical stimulus tied to an emotional state. Learn how to tap in to the power of this tool by setting anchors specific to your needs that will help you achieve the outcome you’ve envisioned. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • An in-depth description of Anchoring and its uses

  • A discussion about emotional states and how they determine your actions, which determine your outcomes

  • Lesson about how we are in charge of our emotional states

  • The benefits of having only a few anchors and choosing your emotional states carefully

  • The 7 steps of anchoring, explained in detail

  • How to make your anchors powerful

  • Optional emotional states to set as anchors


Lesson #9: The Code

The Code of the Professional Trader is a series of statements that define us as individuals who have chosen success over failure. Living The Code is a conscious decision to live a higher state of existence. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • A description of The Code and its application to professional trading

  • Learning what we like, and specifically, what a good trade looks like

  • The do’s and don’ts associated with The Code

  • What gambling is and how incredibly detrimental it is to traders

  • An appropriate attitude to have after a losing trade

  • Having the mentality that “the traders come to me”

  • Knowing when to stop; identifying exactly what that time is

  • Learn to enjoy the 10-week year

  • How to proceed if you think you’re an amateur


Lesson #10: Optimism and The 50-Trade Scan

Learn about the power of optimism — how we get it and how we keep it. Also: Introducing The 50-Trade Scan, a technique that trains you to readily recognize what a winning trade looks like. In this video you’ll also enjoy the following instruction:

  • The special abilities of our brain and the power of visualizing success

  • The principle that “What you repeat is what you become”

  • Being willing to do something different

  • Introducing The 50-Trade Scan

  • A look at some 1-hour divergence charts from Rob’s 50-Trade Scan

  • A list of trader concerns that we “Don’t Care” about as pro traders

  • More talk about modeling and how it applies to The 50-Trade Scan